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Tréning SAFe (An introduction to Scaled Agile Framework)2018-06-18T23:08:15+00:00

Training: An introduction to Scaled Agile Framework

Do you already know everything about Agile Fundamentals?

If so, Scaled Agile Framework is going to help you grow! In the end, it doesn’t matter if you apply SAFe fully or only partially. In order to create more complex products using Agile approaches, it is important to learn about SAFe techniques first.

  • How to prepare topics and epics, how to approve and define them before implementation itself.
  • How to prepare a Program Board for coordination of multiple independent teams.
  • How to organize teams to be able to deliver a larger product together.
  • How to prepare release planning for even 100 people where they’ll be creating and not just dying of boredom.
  • How to coordinate work of multiple teams.
  • How to prepare System and Solution Demos.
  • How to measure progress and success of a delivery.

Is training necessary for you as well? If you have more than 2 teams that work on one product, you should participate. The course is run by a certified Scaled Agile Framework Program consultant who was there at the birth of SAFe.

For who

Product and project management, team leaders, ScrumMasters, line management, senior management.

A maximum number of attendees is 15 per training.

You will get

  • certificate of your course attendance
  • the presentation
  1. Scaled Agile Framework fundamentals
  2. Types of SAFe
  3. SAFe core values
  4. SAFe principles
  5. Epics, capabilities and features
  6. Agile Release Train
  7. Fundamental roles of SAFe
  8. Program Increment planning
  9. Portfolio Kanban, Program board
  10. A solution
  11. Prioritization in SAFe
  12. An execution of the program increment
  13. Releasing a value on demand
  14. Agile portfolio
  15. KPI in SAFe
  16. Questions and answers

This training is provided inhouse only.

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