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 Job description, responsibilities and duties

  • Facilitating the Scrum framework, including sprint planning sessions, backlog grooming sessions, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives
  • Identification and removing of impediments
  • Maintenance of metrics that could help the Scrum Team see how they are doing
  • Supporting the Scrum Team to be accountable for their commitments
  • Ensure the transparency and visibility of team’s progress, obstacles and successes to all stakeholders, Product Owner, including the team itself
  • Take care the scrum process is well understood and followed
  • Supporting of Product Owners
  • Teach and Train Product Owner to maximize ROI to meet his goals through Scrum framework
  • Protect the Scrum Team from external interference
  • Supporting of creativity and self-organization of team members
  • Providing coaching and training of Scrum/Agile to the Scrum Team, Product Owner and other departments of company
  • Collaborating and communicating cross-functionally

Job requirements

  • Minimum 3 year experience working in an agile environment, preferably in a variety of situations
  • Successful delivery as a Scrum Master of at least 2 projects to clients, with duration of at least 8 iterations each
  • Experience as a Scrum Master on at least two projects that advanced existing products, as opposed to new products (at least one project that included onshore and offshore team members)
  • Knowledge of the software development life cycle
  • University education (Bachelor’s degree or higher)
  • Language skills: English – advanced

As an advantage:

  • Knowledge and/or experience of Kanban
  • Certified scrum master/scrum practitioner
  • German language

Personal Qualities

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong people skills and the ability to lead and influence
  • Strong analytical ability


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