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Pomáham aplikovať agilné princípy v praxi a prispôsobiť ich realite firmy a jej biznisu. Som product ownerom ScrumDesku, nástroja pre agilný projektový manažment, scrumdesk.com

Training Lean Change Agent in Bratislava, 11-12.12.2017

Training Lean Change Agent in Bratislava, 11-12.12.2017 In today’s environment, change managers are under increasing pressure to deliver change at speed. They’re having to adapt how IT and Digital projects are being delivered around them. Senior stakeholders are looking to change managers to provide novel approaches to make change happen. Time to change how we [...]

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Certified Product Owner, November 2017, Bratislava

Trainer: Zuzi Šochová Date: 6-7 November, 2017 Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Regular Price: 1200 EUR excluding VAT NOTE: Please note that this training will be in English. CSPO - Certified Scrum Product Owner Course - is trained by Scrum Alliance certified trainer CST and you will definitely enjoy it. We look at Scrum from the Product Owner point of view, covering several concepts on [...]

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Certified Scrum Master, 23-24.11.2017, Bratislava

Trainer: Zuzi Šochová Date: 23-24 November, 2017 Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Regular Price: 1200 EUR excluding VAT Early Price: 1000 EUR excluding VAT expires 23 October, 2017 NOTE: Please note that this training will be in English. CSM - Certified Scrum Master course is unique opportunity to look at Scrum from the ScrumMaster point of view. You will definitely enjoy it. [...]

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If I were you, I would attend sprint review. Make your sprint review great.

This article has been published on ScrumDesk product pages. In the last week, I attended a couple of sprint review sessions. Some of you maybe call them sprint demo. Ok, simply to say, the meeting at the end of the sprint where you are supposed to show your sprint's achievements. In my case, all [...]

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Tréning Product Owner Prakticky, 28.9.2017, Košice

Tréning VYNIKAJÚCI PRODUKTOVÝ VLASTNÍK Ako transformovať nápad na hodnotný produkt agilne. Workshop o efektívných praktikách produktového vlastníka pre definíciu, plánovanie, meranie a riadenie tvorby produktu. Pre produktových vlastníkov, analytikov, scrummastrov, produktových a projektových manažérov. Kurz dopĺňa certifikačný kurz Certified Product Owner. 28. septembra 2017, Eastcubator Košice Rola produktového vlastníka, koncept user stories [...]

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Tréning SCRUMMASTER PERFEKTNE, 29.9.2017 v Košiciach

Tréning SCRUM MASTER PERFEKTNE Ako podporovať, chrániť a viesť agilný tím ako správny ScrumMaster. Workshop o ScrumMastershipe s príbehmi a skúsenosťami z desiatok reálnych agilných tímov. Pre ScrumMastrov, projektový manažment, vedúcich tímov, produktových vlastníkov. Kurz dopĺňa certifikačný kurz Certified ScrumMaster. Odporúčame ho ScrumMastrom, ktorí potrebujú nadobudnúť skúsenosti z praxe. 29. septembra 2017, 9:00-16:30, Eastcubator [...]

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Tréning AGILE & SCRUM FUNDAMENTALS, 19.9.2017, Košice

Tréning Základy Agile & Scrum Ako vyvíjať hodnotné produkty transparentne v úzkej spolupráci tímu, ktorý je hrdý na výsledok. Dvojdenný workshop o Agile s praktickými ukážkami, LEGO simuláciou Scrum a množstvom príbehov zo života agilných tímov. 19-20. septembra, 2017, Eastcubator Košice Akýkoľvek člen tímu, vývojár, tester Tím líder [...]

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When to accept user story

When is the best to accept user story which is finished and who should accept them? In our Agile and Scrum Fundamentals training, people are (surprisingly) surprised when we present our approach of the acceptance of finished work. At the begging we often observe disagreements, but after few minutes of an explanation why we found [...]

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The checklist for your daily standup, part IV.- People & Company

This article is the continuation of The Daily Stand-up Checklist for ScrumMasters, part III. The aim of this series of articles is to help ScrumMasters to prepare better for daily stand-up so it is efficient, productive and engaging. These tips are based on our observation of 100+ agile teams in their agile transformations. Daily standup and People Sickness? Vacation? ScrumMaster [...]

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How to prepare for Sprint planning well

Sprint planning is one of the most important ceremonies in Scrum project management method. Why run it and how? Even the Sprint planning ceremony doesn't seem to be complex, many Agile teams consider it as a waste of time. "Let's develop something instead of loosing so much time in the sprint planning." This is [...]

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Storypoints, hours or #noestimate?

How to choose the best estimation unit in an appropriate time. Should it be storypoints or hours? Or even #noestimates at all? In Agile meetups, we often hear very strong opinions about estimation units. From some perspective, it even sounds like a religion. I. Religion: Storypoints Most of the people express an opinion that [...]

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ScrumDesk v.5.26 – Roadmap editor improvements ++

Roadmaps Editor Real start and end These fields are calculated based on the progress of nested backlog items once their subtask  were started. New Delta fields They indicate how much late or earlier the feature has been developed comparing to plans specified in a roadmap. Other changes of the roadmap editor Even ScrumMaster can see [...]

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