ScrumImpulz 2024 - International conference on Agile, with world class lineup - 29.5.2024
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The way to Agile must be


We help people in organizations to efficiently create and deliver the right products in an agile manner. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, DevOps, JIRA.


We accompany successful people on their way to full agility

You too can create Agile products


Meaningfully and purposefully

A successful product solves the right problems for the right clients. Together with you, we will find a business model for the product. We will focus it on the problems of your clients. We help with the definition of requirements, from which we select a quickly deliverable valuable minimum.


High-quality, open and responsible

To see is to know. Every process step, constraint, risk and every decision. We clarify and simplify the requirements. We are intensifying team cooperation and knowledge exchange. Offline or online.


Without delay and regularly

Deliver product increments even every day. We will reveal the real causes of restrictions. We will introduce simple metrics that will allow for more accurate forecasting of deliveries.


What you gain by implementing Agile

  • Support of the corporate vision by all components of the organization.
  • More competitive products that make sense.
  • Greater satisfaction and engagement.
  • More reasonable invested costs.
  • Positively surprised clients.
  • The opportunity to take care of the overall system of the company's operation.
  • Space for leadership and development of people.
  • A clear overview of the status.
  • Awareness of problems and the possibility of a timely response.
  • Transparency of capacities.
  • Work on important, not only urgent things.
  • To become a team where 1+1 is more than two.
  • Create together.
  • Self-organize your work.
  • Protect yourself from distractions.
  • Have responsibility from A-Z. If you want.
An individual
  • To work on meaningful things.
  • Do what you are allowed to do, you know, but also what you want.
  • Have time for thinking, not just for meetings.
  • Find understanding and help in the team.
  • Know how much to promise.

What our clients said about the trainings

We take into account the situation your organization is in and the goals it wants to achieve. We push the boundaries of the comfort zone. That is why our trainings, examples and materials are always tailored with stories from the practice of hundreds of teams we have helped.

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We are not theorists

ScrumImpulz conference

With ten years of tradition

We are proud that we managed to mediate, over the last 10 years, more than 50 speakers from 16 countries of the world to the international Agile community.


Our Agiloviny

Don't miss a selection of the best of Agile that our mentors have encountered. Not only from the world of products, development, tips and tricks, but sometimes also humor. We ship regularly, once in a while :) #QualityOverQuantity

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