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Prepare your team effectively for Scrum with personal support from an experienced Agile mentor. Quickly gain the benefits of agility. Enable your team to focus on customers and product creation early on, rather than learning Scrum theory.

For who
New teams implementing Agile, Scrum, or Kanban
Medium-term support program lasting approximately 3 months.
Online and onsite meetings.
Our approach

No ceremony!
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Meaningfully Agile

Avoid the pitfalls of implementing agile practices with personal support from mentors with a proven Scrum adoption plan.

Your team will learn by observing our agile trainers and save time with prepared tips, methodologies, and guides. We will establish a strong foundation and proven practices for the team’s future development in the realm of Agile and Scrum.

Are you concerned that there will be too much for your team to handle at once? Choose the edition that aligns with your expectations, readiness for change, and current capacity for change.


Formation of an Agile team




A real Agile team

You will prepare to align your team with product goals.

Together with you, we will define the responsibilities and mandates of Scrum roles in the definition, creation and delivery of product value.

You will learn how to map the motivations, work skills and motivations of colleagues in the team. Identify team strengths and weaknesses so you can work effectively as a team and not just as a group.

You will create a team vision, goals, values and principles.



Efficient in Scrum

Learn best practices for effective Scrum ceremonies and understand the Agile principles behind them. Customize them with mentor support to your product, team and organization.

Shorten the learning curve with our pre-made methodologies and ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ checklists.

Discover the purpose of the Scrum ceremony from the perspective of each role.



Artifacts correct

Organize your product backlog into the right hierarchy and structure to support your product vision.

Learn to share and write your requirements and user stories to accelerate product delivery and ongoing acceptance.

Learn to use the potential of the Done and Ready Definitions and avoid the potential pitfalls of their misuse.

Understand the importance of solving team obstacles. Use root cause analysis to address the core of the problem, not just its symptoms.



Education of Product Owner and Scrum Master

Learn individually from our experienced coaches for Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

We will share our experience and support you in preparing team artifacts.

Move from a beginner’s position faster with our templates, tools and know-how resources

Expand the potential of your future development with proven methods and tools shared by our senior Agile mentors.



Change carefully

We transform role-based teams into multi-disciplinary teams.

We will focus your team on meaning, vision, goals and an agile approach to product creation. Whatever they are.

We will guide you through changes at the individual, team and organizational level.

We will help with effective communication of change, which will reduce possible resistance to change.



Work on growth

We’ll walk you through seven sprints so you can learn through observation, regular feedback and tips.

Together we will map the team’s competency needs and potential solutions that match your technology, resources and business model.

At the end of our support program, we will evaluate your progress and build with you a realistic short- and long-term plan for adopting Scrum.

With the help of a mentor, in a short time we created stable team foundations with meaningfully selected Agile practices and a setup adapted to our needs.

What can you buy?

The price is for a selected edition of the transformation program with a fixed duration, artifacts and activities that guarantee the best success in the adoption of Scrum, Kanban or ScrumBan.

Additional training hours can be added.

Mandatory Agile and Scrum Basics training is not included in the price.

What do you get?

  • Personalized approach.
  • Change plan and its management.
  • Personal premium support from senior Agile mentors.
  • An extensive description of the practical use of the Scrum Framework and other agile practices that can be used as an internal “methodology”.
  • Scrum Master and Product Owner role description.
  • Agile product, project and transformation metrics.
  • Artifact templates for Scrum, Agile and other best practices (Definition of Done, Capability Mapping, Role Description, etc.).
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) templates.
  • Request templates. Examples of breakdowns of requirements for different business domains and product types.
  • Sprint Review Template.
  • Tables for capacity planning.
  • Checklists for all ceremonies.
  • Predefined Miro templates for all Scrum ceremonies.
  • Communication plan.
  • Glossaries.
  • A guide to the recommended setup of JIRA, Microsoft Teams, or Slack for Agile online team collaboration.
  • Poker cards for group voting.
  • Inspiring artifact examples, extended study material and references.
  • Free ScrumDesk license throughout the program.
  • Small gifts to support the motivation to change.

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