Scrum Mastership II: System

Scrum Mastership II: System


Advanced Scrum Master training. Preparing the organization for agile practices, continuous improvement, and systematic removal of constraints.

Two days in two blocks. A total of 16 hour with breaks.
For who
Candidates for the role of Scrum Master, team of Scrum masters, team leads, management. Ideally, 6–12 participants.
Online / onsite
Scrum Mastership II: System

About training

Advanced training for Scrum Masters, management and leaders.

This training explains the fundamental aspects of preparing an organization for agile practices and continuous improvement.

Participants will learn the types of organizational constraints and how to identify them in daily practice. They will learn about different approaches to root cause and effect analysis (root cause analysis), their prioritization and change implementation (change management basics).

In the course, participants will learn about the stages of team development and how to take care of the team at each stage.

We will also touch on the topic of proper design of the organizational structure of an agile company and scaling agile practices to the necessary part of the company.

Our Scrum Master training will give you a deeper understanding of Agile and prepare you to practically lead Scrum teams. The course complements the Certified ScrumMaster certification course.

We recommend it to Scrum Masters who feel they also need to move into soft-skill areas and gain hands-on experience. The course will help you prepare your organization for the transition to agile processes.

  • Fundamentals of adaptive iterative product development
  • Principles of the Scrum management method
  • How Lean principles affect an agile team
  • Basic responsibilities of a ScrumMaster
  • How to divide responsibilities between ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Project Manager and Line Manager
  • How to support self-organized agile teams
  • How to prepare product backlog, kanban board and change board
  • How to identify the real causes of problems and find functional solutions
  • How to set basic agile metrics and where to get data for them
  • How to collaborate with other scrum masters
  • How to make a perfect daily standup, and of course also a retrospective
  • The relationship of the Scrum Master role to the other roles of the organization.
  • Lean principles and their application in product development.
  • Value stream mapping and organizational structure optimization.
  • Techniques of root cause analysis.
  • A3 Thinking as a tool for continuous development.
  • Fundamentals of Lean Change Management.
  • Program increments and their planning.
  • Anti-patterns of an agile team (kanban board, daily standups, and others).
  • Professional Agile metrics.
  • Case studies.

Each participant will receive

Personal online mentoring

1 hour during the first month after completing the course


Electronic or paper certificate of course completion


Access to the electronic presentation, templates and working materials used during the training


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