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Scaled Agile

Program for Scaling the Implementation of Agile Practices into a Large Company Creating Complex Products or Solutions with Multiple Collaborating Teams.

For whom
Teams and departments. Small and large companies. IT and non-IT.
According to the agreed scope and number of teams. 3-12 months.
Onsite / online, according to the agreement.
Our approach


Management of a complex product portfolio must be adapted and aligned with an agile culture, way of work, processes, and tools.

ScrumDesk company assists clients with the initial introduction of the Scaled Agile Framework, which is successfully used in the corporate world worldwide.

SAFe proposes the division of a company into “levels” based on the company’s complexity: company level, portfolio, program, product, and team.


In terms of the company, we will assist you in establishing management and organizational change based on Value Streams through a product portfolio. This will help achieve a faster time to market, reduce dependencies, and streamline product development management.

Typically, the organizational structure, processes, and roles also adapt.

The implementation of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) will fall under the responsibility of the transformation group (LACE), working alongside certified program consultants.

Portfolio, Programs, Products

At the Portfolio level, the ScrumDesk mentor will help set up portfolio backlogs necessary for the development of complex products. We will assist in identifying initiatives, epics, prioritizing them, setting up processes and tools, metrics, and ceremonies. We will help engage stakeholders in a more agile way of working.

At the Program level, we will align multiple products necessary for delivering a larger solution or a product composed of several other products. We will mentor chief product owners/product managers in preparing the program backlog, prioritizing complex requirements, planning, and evaluating the program’s status.

At the Product level, our focus is on product development involving multiple teams or suppliers. We will design and implement ceremonies to enhance alignment among multiple teams, prepare requirements correctly, visualize dependencies, assist with planning, execution, and control of the development of such products.

What is the

The SAFe transformation is carried out as an agile project.

Your internal team (the so-called LACE team) is working on it, along with a group of ScrumDesk consultants who will be actively involved in the change process.

We will work with the SAFe transformation backlog. Together, we will set transformation goals and prioritize the organization’s most critical issues.

We will plan quarterly as well as bi-weekly iterations. We will regularly meet regarding the implementation. We will communicate transparently with the people who will be affected by the transformation.




Recognize and direct

For starters, we need to get to know your organisation.

Its history, vision, mission and strategy, goals.

Organisational structure. Product portfolio Roles and Responsibilities. Processes. Technology. Practices Metrics Tools

We will also discuss your company culture and habits.

We will dive into the problems and their root causes that are currently limiting you.

The goal of this activity is to meaningfully set the scope and plan of the agile transformation.


LACE Transformation Team

Behind every successful change is a strong transformation team.

We will help identify the composition of the transformation team, taking into account objectives and constraints.

Together we will form the core team and other working groups necessary for the implementation of the activities.

We will set up the work process for this team and prepare the necessary working tools and environment.

We identify a Product Owner for the transformation and agree on a Scrum Master to assist the transformation team.


Backlog transformation

Transformation activities will be transparently maintained in the SAFe transformation backlog.

Vision, goals, key results and strategy for SAFe transformation.

Business agility. Organization structure, roles, responsibilities, authority.

Education and trainings.

Product and project management. Processes. Metrics


Support for agile teams. Personal mentoring and coaching. Company culture.

The Backlog will be a continuously updated artifact used for coordination, planning and management of the transformation team with the business leadership.



Mapping customer journeys, identifying value streams, supporting them with IT systems, teams and people.

Optimization of organizational structure, reorganization into Value Streams supported by multiple teams of teams (ART).

Each team will have a clearly defined purpose, mission, supported products, or valuable parts of them.

We can help you identify the capabilities needed to create a functional product.

We will work with you to select candidates or prepare for Portfolio Manager, Product Management, Release Train Engineer, Enterprise Architect roles.

We educate company executives and non-IT constituents of the company for intentional involvement in the value stream.


Product portfolio.

Product portfolio mapping, preparation, management and tracking.

Organization of the product portfolio team, collaboration with stakeholders and Enterprise Architecture.

SAFe ceremonies supporting the preparation of requirements for individual Value Streams and ARTs (teams of teams).

Standardization of requirement templates and processes using tools such as Portfolio Kanban.

Portfolio metrics and the process of evaluating them.

Coordination of the Portfolio level with the Program level.

Preparation of portfolio backlogs, minimum viable and marketable products.

Portfolio prioritisation and its rules.


Team of Teams (ART)

Identification, establishment, and launching of the team of teams, the so-called Agile Release Train.

Organisation of work within the ART.

Roles and Responsibilities.

Processes and tools needed for managing the ART.

Tutorials, rules, methodologies and tips for working in the ART.

Active mentoring and coaching of Product Managers, Release Train Engineers, Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

Collaboration with architects to prepare technological requirements.


Program Increment, PI

Preparation of ARTs and teams for the first planning of the Increment Program, respectively. Planning interval.

Preparation of team backlogs with product management and product owners.

Preparation of Scrum Masters to facilitate the first PI planning.

Facilitation during PI planning.

Preparation of tools for PI.

Leading synchronization ceremonies during the first two PIs.



Implementing recommended SAFe tools into the company’s toolkit.

Program Board, Portfolio Kanban, Program Kanban, risk management using ROAM.

Documenting processes with predefined methodologies that you can customize based on your process setup.

JIRA Align, BigPicture, Kendis.

“To succeed in an organisation at scale, leaders must be able to navigate the complex interplay of strategy, culture and operations, keeping the customer at the centre of every action.”

Satya Nadella

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