Bootcamp: I. Team Forming

Scrum Mastership Bootcamp

I. Team Forming

Prepare Scrum Masters to independently kickstart new agile teams that will not only be familiar with agile practices but will become teams ready for change.

For who
Scrum Master, Team Leader, Project Manager, Line Manager, Product Owner.
A total of 4.5 days. A week-long workshop or in blocks of 2 and 3 days.
Interactive onsite meeting.
Our approach

Scrum Mastership Bootcamp
Team forming

We teach Scrum Masters to start new agile teams independently, without the need for external consultants. The agile way of working places higher demands on the quality of new team preparation. These approaches require a high level of collaboration, getting to know each other on a personal level, getting aligned and setting ground rules for how things work.

In the bootcamp you will learn and also prepare the groundwork needed to start a new agile team on your own. You will gain the experience that we at ScrumDesk have applied in starting 100+ teams.


In terms of the company, we will assist you in establishing management and organizational change based on Value Streams through a product portfolio. This will help achieve a faster time to market, reduce dependencies, and streamline product development management.

Typically, the organizational structure, processes, and roles also adapt.

The implementation of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) will fall under the responsibility of the transformation group (LACE), working alongside certified program consultants.

Portfolio, Programs, Products

I At the Portfolio level, the ScrumDesk mentor will help set up portfolio backlogs necessary for the development of complex products. We will assist in identifying initiatives, epics, prioritizing them, setting up processes and tools, metrics, and ceremonies. We will help engage stakeholders in a more agile way of working.

At the Program level, we will align multiple products necessary for delivering a larger solution or a product composed of several other products. We will mentor chief product owners/product managers in preparing the program backlog, prioritizing complex requirements, planning, and evaluating the program’s status.

At the Product level, our focus is on product development involving multiple teams or suppliers. We will design and implement ceremonies to enhance alignment among multiple teams, prepare requirements correctly, visualize dependencies, assist with planning, execution, and control of the development of such products.

What is the

The SAFe transformation is carried out as an agile project.

Your internal team (the so-called LACE team) is working on it, along with a group of ScrumDesk consultants who will be actively involved in the change process.

We will work with the SAFe transformation backlog. Together, we will set transformation goals and prioritize the organization’s most critical issues.

We will plan quarterly as well as bi-weekly iterations. We will regularly meet regarding the implementation. We will communicate transparently with the people who will be affected by the transformation.





Get to know yourself and others. You will understand techniques for mapping team members, their concerns, expectations and personal attitudes to change.

We’ll help you find a roadmap for implementing agile in your team.

You will learn techniques for mapping customers, sponsors and stakeholders. You will prepare to prioritize them and create a plan for communicating with them.



You will learn to educate yourself on agile principles and Scrum in your organization. In the simulation you will experience what to prepare in product definition, how to create a proper product backlog and how to prioritize it. We will show you the right way to split requirements and write User Stories with acceptance criteria.

You will properly plan a sprint and prepare a sample sprint review as well. And we’ll add tips for a meaningful and professionally prepared retrospective.

All in an entertaining way. By creating a real product in a group. So that you can teach your team too.


Ceremonies and practices

You’ll learn the antitheses of people’s behavior at daily standups and how to address them.

You will learn how to analyze a Kanban board and find simple process improvements with significant impact on transparency and quality of the outcome.

Let’s go through the situations that the burn down chart tells you about and how to avoid them.

Together, we’ll analyze your metrics. You’ll also experience the impact of feedback metrics on improving collaboration and delivery.



Using case studies, you’ll learn about your team’s mistakes.

You’ll identify the extent of your team’s dysfunctions, and then we’ll make targeted recommendations on what you and your team could do to eliminate the dysfunctions.

We’ll help you develop a roadmap for implementing changes in your team so that you leave the bootcamp with concrete action steps for strengthening your team.


Active listening

On the last day you will get to know active listening practically. You will learn to perceive the environment, behaviour, habits and cultural patterns of team members. You will think about how to stimulate deeper communication and understanding within the team.

In addition

You will gain

In the bootcamp, you will get detailed agendas and tips for conducting Scrum ceremonies.

You will also take away checklists for the Scrum Master to be more confident in Scrum ceremonies.

And you’ll get templates, guides and mindfulness questions for reflection before Scrum Master ceremonies and activities.

The best educational bootcamp on Scrum Mastery that I have attended. It has significantly advanced my understanding of what to really do as a Scrum Master and how to become a valuable part of an organization.

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