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Product Owner III: Objectives and Key Results


Objectives and Key Results

OKR is a popular and effective methodology for setting goals and implementing them in a company’s life. In the training, you will learn how to set them and connect them with an agile way of delivering products.

2 days in 2 blocks. In total 16 hours with breaks.
For whom
Product and project management. Business and IT architects. Product Owners. Marketing. Sales. Optimal 6–12 participants.

Agile and
Objectives and Key Results

Agile is not chaos. On the contrary, an agilely set up company is capable of adapting to changes while strategically and disciplinedly working towards achieving necessary goals.

Objectives and Key Results is a method for defining goals, pioneered by successful companies today such as Intel, Facebook, Google.

The training will prepare you for identifying the right goals, their measurable form, the process of preparation, and tracking progress.

In the training, we will also explore the connection of OKR to other artifacts of an agile company, such as the business model, value proposition, Minimum Viable Product, product backlog, and planning process.

  • Understand when OKR is appropriate and when, on the contrary, it can be harmful.
  • Learn the basics of the Objectives and Key Results method.
  • Learn to correctly define goals.
  • Know how to define measurable Key Results.
  • Get to know the OKR preparation process.
  • Get to know the process of validating the status of goals and key results.
  • Understand how to link OKR to agile ceremonies and artifacts.
  • Get to know basic mistakes when working with OKR.
  • Learn how to meaningfully implement OKR in a team or company.
  • Basics of adaptive iterative product development.
  • Presentation of Objectives and Key Results.
  • History of OKR
  • Situations and organizational topologies in which OKR is appropriate.
  • Why you might fail when using OKR.
  • Prerequisites for introducing OKR in the team.
  • OKR cycle
  • Outcome vs. output thinking.
  • OKR and Business As Usual.
  • Company vision, mission, strategy and goals.
  • Definition of the right goal.
  • Types of goals.
  • Hierarchy of objectives.
  • Typical errors in the definition of OKR.
  • Key Results.
  • Types of Key Results.
  • Traps and tricks for key results.
  • Leading and Lagging indicators.
  • OKR definition process.
  • Creation of OKR in the team.
  • Control and monitoring.
  • Evaluation of OKR.
  • Evaluation methods.
  • OKR status validation process.
  • Linking OKR to the product backlog.
  • Tools for OKR.

Each participant will receive

Personal online mentoring

1 hour during the first month after completing the course


Electronic or paper certificate of course completion


Access to the electronic presentation, templates and working materials used during the training


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