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Development journey
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Implementing agile practices is a complex and challenging project to change an organization in its entirety. Agile practices are simple to start with, in teams. This incubation period usually ends in success. However, the problem arises when scaling Agile to other parts of the company, or even to all layers of the company. Our company has more than 10 years of experience with Agile transformations. We design this change for our clients. We help assemble the change team. We design activities from 14 perspectives. We help you set up the phases of an Agile transformation. We design a plan for its implementation. At the same time, we will actively engage and support your teams as part of change management. You own the agile transformation program. We help clients navigate this change more peacefully.

Development journey of an Agile company


Product Offer for companies




Workshops and trainings on Agile or SAFe transformation will introduce you to the Agile transformation process and how to prepare your organization for this change.

  • What is Agile, its advantages and disadvantages for the company.
  • How to prepare your organization to implement Agile and possibly SAFe.
  • How to implement Agile in your company.

Development Program


A long-term program of active involvement of ScrumDesk consultants in your company in the implementation of agile practices. Design, execute and support Agile transformation.

  • A program tailored to your goals, constraints, business, products and customers.
  • Meaningfulness. Setting goals and identifying causes that Agile will help solve.
  • 10+ years of experience. 10+ transformations. 100+ teams.
  • Prepared transformation backlogs, typical roadmaps, methodologies, tool setups.
  • Progammes adapted to the nature of the team. Meaningfully selected agile practices and methodologies.
  • Transparent. Measurably. Communicative.


Company agility

Do you already have Agile in your company? Are you looking for potential to stabilize and improve it? The Agile Forms Assessment will help you evaluate your implementation from multiple perspectives.

  • 17 evaluated areas.
  • Evaluating teams, but also business, operations and management.
  • Specific recommendations for change.



Agile scaling program with implementation of Scaled Agile Framework, LeSS Huge, or other scaling frameworks. Professional certified consultants with personal work experience in real product development.

  • Meaningful framework selection for Agile scaling.
  • Personal support to transformation teams during design and execution scaling.
  • Organisational structure. Portfolio. Processes. Methodologies. Tools.
  • Educating internal roles to support the organization after our involvement ends.
  • Ability to practically support even complex products and solutions.

ScrumDesk has brought transparency to our entire company and its production. It was a challenging change program, but with a very positive outcome. Even during Covid-19. CEO, Scheidt-Bachmann Parking


Agile principles, practices, and methodologies are appropriate for any company, department, or team that faces frequent change, creates complex products, or needs to adapt.

We understand your concern. Consulting services come at a price, and it is not the lowest. Our approach is to help jumpstart your internal resources and capabilities as soon as possible. To reduce the price, we have ready-made templates, methodologies, tool setups so that you can meaningfully adapt them yourself to your reality and needs.

One team transformation program of approximately 3 months. This is the period for stabilising the change in people's behaviour. It is determined by the psychology of the person in change. The team is productive in the first two weeks, don't worry that you have to stop the business for a few months. In the case of multiple teams, or a larger scope, one ScrumDesk mentor can support two groups in parallel. If you need to accelerate the transformation, we'll support multiple people at the same time. The total scope of a transformation is typically 6-9 months for a company with 5+ teams.

The right answer is how much energy you are willing to invest. For Agile transformation, we recommend dedicating a small core team of 3-4 people in different roles. This team is responsible for planning, communicating and leading the transformation activities. In practice, we see teams allocating 30-100% of their capacity. The more the sooner and the better the outcome of the transformation. Other roles work with this team during the transformation according to the topic at hand. At any given time, you can count on 20% of their short-term capacity for a few days, max weeks.

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