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Product Owner

Abilities Assessment

Discover your potentials for improvement. Set up your meaningful development plan for a more professional fulfillment of the Product Owner role.

For whom
Product Owner, Product Manager, Project Manager, Business Owner, Business or IT Architect, HR, recruiter.
3 hours
Online questionnaire. Independently or under the guidance of a mentor.
Product Owner


Build professional growth on your potentials, not just on current knowledge.

Identify the skill level from the perspectives needed for experienced Product Owners who are not just requirement writers.

The results will help you more accurately set a development plan with tips for further education or a tailored personal mentoring plan. Choose the right candidates for the Product Owner role.


You are creating or defining a product.
You are a Product Owner or a candidate for this role.
You are a company looking for the right Product Owner.
You are a company with a group of Product Owners.

you get

You will discover your potentials and the level of 25 skills in 12 areas required for the role of Product Owner. We will provide specific recommendations based on facts for your professional development plan.

You will receive tips that will help you become a stronger Product Owner in a short time.

You will identify and set meaningful topics for the Product Owner community.

You will find Product Owners who will best fit into your company, culture, and Agile setting.


Product Owner

Assessed areas and skills


Business Acumen

How well can you formulate a business strategy, prioritize, experiment, define, measure, evaluate, and learn?


Customer Experience

How do you build relationships with customers, stakeholders, and the team? How well can you perceive cultural differences that may influence the correctness of your decisions?

We will assess your ability to analyze and interpret business performance.


Soft Skills

Potential for higher problem-solving and decision-making ability, influencing customers, and the Agile team.

Ability to listen and coach others.


Market Orientation

Successful products address customer problems.

A professional product owner understands customers and users.

They have the ability to position the product in the market and, through strategic thinking, define the right product.


Innovation potential

A product owner should be an innovator. Not only in terms of the product but also in business processes, customer journeys, and technology.

They must be capable of initiating and embracing change.


Talent Management

A leader must know how to work with their talents and personal growth.

Strategic thinking of a Product Owner is a prerequisite for a successful goal-oriented product, not just feature delivery.


Tools and Infrastructure

Evaluation of your systematic and strategic thinking in problem-solving and the ability to use tools and proven approaches.


Planning and Review

Potential for long-term, mid-term, and short-term planning.

Adaptability and the ability to absorb feedback and measurement results.



Management skills in managing more complex portfolios and product programs.

We’ll explore your ability to prioritize, manage resources and time. We’ll verify negotiation skills, flexibility, and decisiveness.


Organization and Management

Ability to identify organizational needs, set up work organization, and manage product preparation and development.



Identify your natural approach to leading a team. Recognize in which situations you need to adapt it when working with a team.

Explore your personal emotional agility and your relationship to continuous improvement.


Innovation potential

A dynamic environment requires a constant interest in innovation, its implementation and evaluation.

Understand how you think strategically, how well you can implement change and lead its implementation.

The greater the contrast, the greater the potential. Only a great tension of opposites is a source of great energy.
Carl Jung

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