Manager in an agile company


Manager in agile company

The role of a manager acquires new dimensions when collaborating with agile teams. Team self-organization, transparency, and ongoing issue resolution allow the manager to focus on other aspects of people leadership.

One day. In total 8 hours with breaks. The alternative is 4 hours.
For whom
Company leadership. Senior and middle management.
The training can be conducted either directly at your location or online with a trainer. Available in Slovak, Czech, and English languages.


Basic Information

Manager in an agile company? Oxymoron?

Implementing agile practices doesn’t necessarily mean there must be a radical change in organizational roles. It certainly doesn’t imply that management is unnecessary, despite team self-organization.

The manager’s role acquires new possible dimensions when collaborating with agile teams. Team self-organization, transparency, and continuous constraint resolution allow the manager to focus on aspects of people leadership and their development.

In an agile environment, the manager takes care of the company’s system. They tackle global issues, help teams find means for effective functioning, and create an environment for intensive collaboration and product delivery.

  • Learn the basics of adaptive iterative product development.
  • Understand the Agile Manifesto and the principles of agility.
  • Comprehend how the manager’s role differs in an agile company compared to traditional approaches.
  • Learn how to lead and support agile teams.
  • Acquire the skill of analyzing the root causes of problems.
  • Understand how to change the system within a company, not just at the local team level.
  • Understand when Agile is the right solution.
  • We recommend first completing the Basic Agile and Scrum Training.

Basics of Agile, Lean, and Scrum concisely

  • Fundamentals of adaptive iterative product development.
  • Scrum in brief.
  • Lean and Kanban.

Manager in an Agile enviroment

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Manager’s role in an agile team.
  • Manager and ScrumMaster. Setting responsibilities.
  • Key soft skills necessary for supporting agile teams.
  • Coordinating multiple agile teams.
  • Responsibility model. Team dysfunctions. Team development according to Tuckman.
  • Management 3.0

Agile organization transformation

  • When Agile is suitable and when it isn’t. Cynefin.
  • Managing the process of implementing agile in a team.
  • Setting goals for agile implementation.
  • Evaluating agile transformation.
  • Creating a transparent environment.
  • Communities, pillars of sustained change.
  • Problem identification, root cause analysis, A3 Thinking.

Each participant will receive

Online mentoring

1 hour during the first 
month after completing the course


Electronic or paper certificate of course completion


Access to the presentation in electronic form, templates and work materials used during the training


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