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Comprehensive development
Product Owner

Comprehensive preparation of product owners focused on the strategic and delivery aspects of the Product Owner role.


Our approach

Development journey
Product Owner

Creating a successful product involves focusing on product strategy and leading its implementation. ScrumDesk educates product owners from both perspectives. Product strategy focuses on defining the vision, business model, value proposition, goals, and Key Results (OKR) of the product. We set rules and a process for prioritizing requirements. We also develop skills for working with the product backlog, breaking down requirements, and meaningfully recording them. We prepare you for sensible planning and working with the team. We help define communication and business engagement.

Development journey Product Owner


Product Offer



Product Owner

Basic training for the Product Owner role, where you will learn to prepare a product strategy and lead the implementation of the product.


Capacity: from 6–12


Form: at your place / online

  • Vision, business model, value proposition, and product goals.
  • Product backlog, priorities, planning, and product implementation.
  • Practical experience with products from various sectors.

Development Program

Product Ownership

Prepare your product together with us. Long-term development program for product owners. The opportunity to choose the development path according to your role. Coaching for more experienced Product Owners.


Duration: 8–20 days


Form: at your place / online

  • Your product, our experience, a common meaningful result.
  • Prepared documents, templates and instructions.
  • Lots of tips and case studies for further learning.


Product Owner Capabilities

Discover the power of your skills and the potential for improvement in the role of Product Owner. Set your personal development in a meaningful way.


Duration: 2–3 hours


Form: at your place / online

  • Assessment of 25 skills in 12 areas.
  • Know your people management style.
  • Identify your innovation potential.


SAFe trainings
Product Owner

Explore the work and perspectives of the Product Owner and Product Manager roles in the context of a scaled agile environment applying the Scaled Agile Framework.


Form: at your place / online

  • International certification.
  • Trainers' personal experience with scaled product development.
  • Experience with varying product complexity.


Not at all. In this case, we recommend you to start with training. If you are already certified, the training will help you (according to the feedbacks of its participants) to connect theory with practice. But if you don't need the training, choose the point on the development path that suits you best.

ScrumDesk provides participants in selected types of consulting programs with certification of completion in electronic or, upon request, paper form. The certificate is issued by our company. In some cases of trainings, certificates are also issued by another supranational certification authority.

For larger companies, the responsibilities of the product owner are often split between multiple roles. That's why at ScrumDesk we say that Product Owner is not a role, but a type of responsibility. Product Ownership is applied by customers, users, top management, and architectural and analytical roles. That's why we believe this program is also for you.

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