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Kickstart the community of Scrum Masters through systematic preparation by experienced Agile mentors. Establish organizational standards for Agile product development.

For who
Organizations with new or functioning community of Scrum Masters.
Typically 10 meetings of Agile coach with community, 2 hours long meetings.
Personal mentor support onsite and online at agreed-upon intervals. Customization of topics and frequency based on the organization’s needs.
Our approach

Scrum Masters Community

Most organizations want functional communities that help the business continuously improve, innovate, and prepare for new changes. Don’t waste time on endless discussions that don’t bring about real change in the principles of how the organization works.

With our program, designed based on our experience with SM communities from dozens of agile transformations, you will kick-start and support a community of Scrum Masters. Choose meaningful meeting topics with pre-prepared materials for development, learning, discussion, and standards templates.

Provide Scrum Masters with a partner for their work.


Thematic circles



We will guide you through setting standards for Agile practices in Agile teams.

We will teach you how to properly identify and define teams, their vision and development path.

You will learn the tools for mapping the competencies and experience needed for product delivery.

You will create team agreements, e.g. Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, which will be prepared as a de-facto company standard and at the same time will be customizable to the individuality of the team.



We will help you set up the responsibilities and mandate of the Scrum Master role in the organization.

We will set up the Scrum Master’s relationships to the Product Owner, Stakeholders, Management, Team Members, Scrum Masters to each other and to the Customer.

We will identify team types and tailor the Scrum Master’s approach to the team type.


Preparation and planning

We introduce practices and techniques for proper requirements preparation and tracking.

We will help you set standards for strategic, quarterly and short-term planning.

You will receive sample meeting calendars with agendas, invitations, and artifact templates.


Effective stand-up

We’ll teach you how to conduct standups properly, including through your case studies.

Together we will define the minimum standards of standup meetings.

We will provide you with checklists to help you professionally prepare for an effective stand-up.

We will also discuss typical anti-patterns of behavior of team members and also the Scrum Master as a facilitator in stand-ups.


Sprint Review

We will prepare Scrum Masters for a sprint review that stakeholders will enjoy.

We will teach you how to identify who to invite to sprint review and when.

We’ll help you tailor the content and agenda of the meeting to the maturity of the team and the needs of the stakeholders.

You’ll get presentation templates that you just customize by design.



We teach Scrum Masters the format of a proper retrospective. What a retrospective should look like, how to do it onsite and online.

We will introduce several techniques of retrospectives that will be fun but also deliver results.

We will help you select and customize tools for online retrospectives.


Kanban, Scum of Scrum, Scaling

Scrum is not sufficient in real-life business. We introduce and help you select agile practices alternative to Scrum.

Together we will set in which parts of the business processes to apply them.

Cross-team collaboration and coordination.



JIRA is a tool that is easy to customize. This is its advantage, but also its disadvantage. You can customize it in a way that will prevent you from working agilely. In a simple, meaningful, no-nonsense way.

At ScrumDesk, thanks to mentoring and also to developing our own tool, we know the necessary standards of project setup in JIRA.

We help Scrum Masters to prepare a training program for internal JIRA training.

The topic of JIRA will be very much alive in the company. We will provide Scrum Masters with a space for their questions.



Agile doesn’t work without feedback.

We’ll help Scrum Masters identify and set meaningful organizational, product, team, and personal metrics.

Whether you are interested in North Star Metrics, OKRs, Kanban, Scrum Metrics, or even SAFe metrics.


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