Product Owner: I. Product Delivery

Training Perfect Product Owner

Product Delivery Management

The Product Owner is one of the most sought-after roles today. This key role ensures not only the success of an agile team but, above all, the success of the product and the company.

2 days in 2 blocks. In total 16 hours with breaks.
For whom
Product and project management. Business and IT architects. Product Owners. Marketing. Sales. Optimal 6–12 participants.

Perfect Product Owner
I. Product Delivery Management

Do you want to lead product development applying agile principles, involving the customer in the development process, and then managing it?

Learn techniques for prioritizing features, understanding the impact of risk on priority, and how to track created value.

In addition to team work, we will also introduce the product development approach, which is part of a broader product portfolio.

We will present techniques on how owners should cohesively create products incorporated in the portfolio.

  • Learn the basics of adaptive iterative product development.
  • Understand the role of the Product Owner in an agile team.
  • Learn to map the product environment in both B2B and B2C.
  • Agile product planning (roadmap).
  • Creation of a product backlog, epics, and business themes using innovative games.
  • User stories, writing effective user stories. Learn to apply Lean Startup and Minimum Viable Product approaches.
  • How to engage as a Product Owner in the ongoing development process.
  • Estimating version delivery.
  • Agile metrics and their understanding.
  • Coordinating product preparation with other Product Owners.
  • We recommend completing the Agile and Scrum Fundamentals Training first.
  • Basics of adaptive iterative product development.
  • Principles of the Scrum management method.
  • Product Owner role.
  • Responsibilities of the Product Owner.
  • Types and mandate of product ownership roles.
  • Product backlog and its organization.
  • Epic, Capability, Features.
  • User story writing format.
  • Mapping of requirements (User Stories Mapping).
  • Prioritization perspectives and their application in practice.
  • Product roadmap.
  • How to plan product increments and iterations, sprints.
  • How to prepare a sprint.
  • The role of the Product Owner in the sprint.
  • Coordination and monitoring of requirements preparation
  • Product metrics

Each participant will receive

Personal online mentoring

1 hour during the first month after completing the course


Electronic or paper certificate of course completion


Access to the electronic presentation, templates and working materials used during the training


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