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OKR training in a meaningful way – April 2024

Improve focus, alignment, transparency, accountability, motivation, engagement and continuous improvement in your team or company.

The OKR (Objective and Key Results) method helps teams and companies to correctly formulate their objectives and at the same time focuses on improving their performance. Its use has an impact on the transparency and meaningfulness of goals, which in turn increases motivation and moves the company culture towards greater accountability and collaboration.

Do you want to know what state your goals are in and how you can change them to make them clearer, more inspiring, more achievable and delivering results, not just outputs?

Learn to distinguish when and how to use OKRs to achieve acceptance, not rejection. Understand the principles of creating Objectives to make them memorable and motivating. Key Results will no longer be just milestones or lists of activities, but a well-chosen combination of metrics that will move your decision-making forward.

For whom

Product and Project Management, Senior and Middle Management, Scrum Masters, Transformation Groups, Agile Working Groups or LACE groups.

When and how

16 April 2024
9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.
Language: Czech

Training objectives

  • Distinguish what are OKRs and what are not OKRs
  • Know when to use OKRs and when not to use them
  • Create OKRs in the correct format
  • What metrics to choose for Key Results
  • Imlementing OKRs in a team or small company
  • How to track and evaluate OKRs


  • What are OKRs
  • Why use them
  • History of OKR
  • When OKR is not suitable
  • Why OKRs fail
  • How to write Objectives
  • Types of objectives
  • Traps and tricks for objectives
  • How to write key results
  • Types key results
  • Traps and tricks for key results
  • Leading and lagging metrics
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Outcomes over outputs
  • Prerequisites for implementation in the team
  • OKR cycle
  • OKR and BAU
  • Creating OKRs in the team
  • Control and monitoring
  • Evaluation of the OKRs
  • Tools


  • 1 participant: 150 euros excluding VAT.
  • 2 or more participants from the same company: 130 EUR without VAT / participant.
  • For registration until 16. February (February) SAVE 10% excluding VAT
  • For registration until 16. March (March) DISCOUNT 5% excluding VAT.
  • Discounts do not add up.

What you get

  • Access to training materials.
  • Recommendations of valuable books, articles and videos.
  • Examples from real practice not only of Czech and Slovak companies.
  • Certificate of training completion.
  • Online 1 hour free consultation after the training.
  • 10% discount on other trainings, Product Academies and competency assessments from ScrumDesk.


Online Training Product Ownership Meaningfully Jiří Bečvář Online Training Product Ownership Meaningfully

Jiří Bečvář

Agile Coach, ScrumDesk


Jirka is the founder of the Czech branch of ScrumDesk and an experienced Product Owner. He has led agile transformations in large companies, building high-performance teams and driving strategic direction.

Are you interested in this course?

We will contact each of you personally to arrange the details. 

The training capacity is limited.

16.04.24 at 9:00 13:00

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