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Scrum Master

Skills assessment

Discover your strengths and abilities that you should strengthen as a professional Scrum Master. Don’t just be a team assistant.

For who
Scrum Master, Role Candidate, Team Leaders, Manager, HR, recruiter.
3 hours
Online questionnaire, Independently or under the guidance of a mentor.
Scrum Master


Set your professional growth based on personal potentials. Get to know yourself from perspectives needed for experienced Scrum Masters. Set up your development plan meaningfully with tips for further education and personal mentoring. Choose the right candidates for the Scrum Master role.


You are a Scrum Master or a candidate for this role.
You lead a team of people that you want to make more independent.
You are a company hiring a Scrum Master.
You are a company with a team of Scrum Masters.

you receive

You will understand your potentials and the level of 19 skills in 6 areas needed for the Scrum Master role. We will provide specific recommendations based on facts for your development plan. We will offer tips that will help you become a stronger Scrum Master in a short time.

You will set meaningful topics for the Scrum Master community. You will find Scrum Masters who will best fit into your company, culture, and agile setup.


Scrum Mastership

Assessed areas and skills


Cognitive skills

The Scrum Master’s primary responsibility is to streamline the flow of deliverables.

Therefore, the Scrum Master must be able to analyze the company’s operating system, processes and organizational issues in depth.



Identify your natural approach to leading a team. Recognize in which situations you need to adapt it when working with a team.

Explore your personal emotional agility and your relationship to continuous improvement.


Innovation potential

A dynamic environment requires a constant interest in innovation, its implementation and evaluation.

Understand how you think strategically, how well you can implement change and lead its implementation.


Administrative skills

Great Scrum Masters have a sense of order backed by discipline in applying processes and procedures, the ability to prioritize and manage time.


Supervision and development

Agile is all about people and collaboration.

Find out how well you can actively listen, lead, mentor and coach people.


Operational and Transformational Potential

Is your potential more with the team or in company-wide agile transformation? Which level is more natural for you?

Find your right place in the organization.

The greater the contrast, the greater the potential. Only a great tension of opposites is a source of great energy.
Carl Jung

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