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Comprehensive development
of Scrum Master

The product of a successful Scrum Master is a strong team and a thriving organization. In addition to the basic agile principles, he must also have a very good understanding of the theory of constraints, System and Lean Thinking, the introduction of changes in organizations and the principles of team formation and their motivation.


Our approach

Development journey
Scrum Masters

The Perfect Scrum Master is not just an assistant to the team. He or she needs to be familiar with multiple agile frameworks and practices. He also needs to know how to work with people, their fears and resistance. He needs to know how to facilitate meetings. Know how to set up tools. And always keep in mind the goals, productivity, constraints and challenges of the organization itself.

Development journey of Scrum Master




Scrum Master

The Scrum Master basic trainings bring experience and knowledge from practice. Set your path in a meaningful way in the role of a Scrum Master who transforms the organization. Also suitable as a complement to formal certification courses.


Capacity: 6–12


Form: at your place / online with a trainer

  • Scrum Master as an agent and initiator of change.
  • Understanding responsibilities.
  • Recognition of behavioural antisources.
  • How to prepare for and lead Scrum ceremonies.
  • A systematic view.


Scrum Mastership

Long-term development program with variations according to the maturity of your teams. Deep understanding of the principles and preparation for independent Scrum Masters without external consultants.


Capacity: max. 10


Duration: 4,5 days


Form: at your place

  • Development of expertise
  • Preparing custom application materials with your teams.
  • Experiences and tricks from Agile coaches of 100+ teams.


of Scrum Master

Assessing the skills and potential of the Scrum Master or candidate for this role. Select a Scrum Master who will fit into your organization in a meaningful way.


Duration: 2–3 hours


Form: online

  • Evaluated 19 skills in 6 areas.
  • Results in a clear form.
  • Specific recommendations for further personal development.


Scaled Agile Framework
Scrum Master

Developing Scrum Masters working with multiple teams on complex solutions and products.


Duration: 2 days


Form: at your place / online

  • International certification
  • Management of multiple dependent teams.
  • Changing the organization's operating model to Value Streams.
  • How to start tribes, squads and chapters.

The greater the contrast, the greater the potential. Only a great tension of opposites is a source of great energy. Carl Jung


Not at all. In this case, we recommend you to start with training. If you are already certified, the training will help you (according to the feedbacks of its participants) to connect theory with practice. But if you don't need the training, choose the point on the development path that suits you best.

At ScrumDesk, we have been working with clients online for over 15 years. We are a distributed team ourselves. We use MS Teams and Miro. Every activity with us is with a mentor in person, we don't just share videos like some other consulting firms.

ScrumDesk provides participants in selected types of consulting programs with certification of completion in electronic or, upon request, paper form. The certificate is issued by our company. In some cases of trainings, certificates are also issued by another supranational certification authority.

We understand that the word consultant is synonymous with "expensive" in the marketplace. Our experience may be more expensive, but with us you won't experience 'childhood illnesses' that ultimately cost you more. Either way, we are able to find the intersection of your capabilities and tailor our training and consulting programs in a meaningful way.

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