SAFe® DevOps


SAFe® DevOps

Competing in a disruptive global environment means having the ability to deliver valuable solutions at the speed needed for business. In scaled Agile, DevOps is the foundation of the ability to respond quickly to change.

Two days. A total of 16 hours with breaks.
For whom
Agile Release Trains, Value Stream. Developers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters. Infrastructure and Operations. Configuration, Release and Deployment. Architects, Database and Information Security Administrators. Product Managers, Release Train Engineers and UI/UX. Development, Quality, Infrastructure, Operations and Portfolio Managers. Change and business agents, IT and business leaders and executives.
Training can be done at your place or online with a trainer. Slovak, Czech and English language.


Basic information

In a global marketplace, every organization needs to deliver valuable technology solutions at the speed of business needs. This requires a collaborative DevOps mindset among all the people who are needed to define, implement, test, deploy and release software systems, not just the engineers who manage continuous integration and product delivery.</p

The two-day interactive SAFe® DevOps course helps people in technical, non-technical, and leadership roles work together to optimize the end-to-end value stream.</p

Participants will learn what DevOps is, why it’s important for each position, and design a continuous delivery process tailored to their business. Attendees work in cross-functional teams to map their current state of the concept-to-cash value stream, identify key bottlenecks in the flow, and build an implementation action plan that will accelerate the benefits of DevOps in their organization.

Participants walk away with the knowledge they need to support and enable a successful DevOps initiative at scale.

The course also prepares participants for the SAFe® DevOps Practitioner (SDP) certification exam.

  • We will explain how DevOps enables strategic business goals.
  • We will use the CALMR approach within DevOps.
  • You will understand that successful DevOps requires continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and the ability to deploy the product to end users on demand.
  • We will include ongoing testing and attention to security.
  • We will use value stream mapping to measure flow and identify bottlenecks in the delivery process from start to finish.
  • We will strategically select DevOps skills and tools for the fastest and most convincing results.
  • We organize solutions and investments within DevOps so that they bring the greatest economic benefit.
  • We design and implement a multi-phase DevOps transformation plan tailored to your organization.
  • We support collaborate with all levels in the organization to continuously optimize the flow of value.
  • Deployment of DevOps.
  • Mapping your implementation and delivery process.
  • Achieving compliance with continuous review.
  • Building quality with continuous integration.
  • Reducing time to market with continuous deployment.
  • Deliver business value with release on demand.

Each graduate will receive

Personal online mentoring

1 hour online during the first month after the course

SAFe Certified DevOps Practitioner Certificate

By attending this course, you will also receive an official SAFe Certified DevOps Practitioner certificate upon completion of the exam.


Access to the electronic presentation, templates and working materials used during the training


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