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Agile team
Comprehensive development

An agile team is first and foremost a team. It doesn't matter that it doesn't apply best practices right from the start. What matters more is gradual and meaningful development according to the team's status, needs, and goals.


Our approach

of Agile team

Bringing agile practices to life in a team starts with a ScrumDesk interview with the company leadership, management and the team itself. Our first goal is to teach the team new values, principles, practices and concepts during the training. After the training, our mentors mentor and coach the team to select and adapt practices to the needs of the team, the product, your customers and the company. If the team is working on a more complex product and working closely with other teams, we support them with our Agile scaling experience. The team's development is continuously evaluated so that together we have feedback to further direct the team.

Development journey


Product Offer for your team



Agile principles

Agile differs significantly from traditional approaches in its principles and concepts. Implementing agile practices should start with basic training to help guide the team in a meaningful way. We can help you choose the right frameworks and trainings based on the nature of your business, product, and team.


Duration: 2 days


Form: at your place / online

  • What is, why and when Agile.
  • Product development using Scrum, Kanban, or DevOps.
  • Simulation and case studies from real practice.

Development Program

Team forming

After the initial basic training, we personally help the agile team to adapt the mentoring program and then start applying the principles learned. The team is supported by a mentor who shows the team the practices over an extended period of time, pushes the team with their experience, and lets the team grow from their mistakes. Mentoring is situationally complemented by a coaching approach.


Duration: 8–20 days


Form: at your place / online

  • Approach verified in 100+ teams over 15+ years.
  • Adaptation and orientation.
  • Long-term personal support to the team


Principles and practices
Agile team

Need to move your agile team forward? Don't know which direction? The Agile Team Assessment provides an understanding of the status and maturity of the application of agile approaches in the team. It will help you identify team strengths to build on. It will also reveal opportunities and provide guidance on which ones to prioritize for implementation.


Form: at your place / online

  • Transparent measurement of the maturity of the application of agile values. principles and practices.
  • Results stimulating further development with a proposal for the implementation of improvements.
  • Anonymity.


SAFe trainings
Team of teams

Is your team working on a more complex product with other teams in close collaboration? Take advantage of our more than a decade of experience implementing agile practices in complex development.


Duration: 2 days


Form: at your place / online

  • Basic principles of scaling using the Scaled Agile Framework, or LeSS
  • The training programme includes experience of scaling
  • Mentors have worked on real SAFe teams, we are not just coaches.

Professional and hands-on approach with a high degree of interaction. Knowledge supplemented with real examples. Everything explained very clearly. You can feel the maturity of life and experience.


For brand new or even existing teams that are already applying agile approaches.

Although Agile originated in IT, today these principles are applied in other industries as well. Wherever there is a lot of change that sometimes we can't even predict. Or in the case of complex products and services, where new realities are continuously emerging. In any situation where adaptation makes more sense than sticking to plans that have to change anyway.

No. We will help you choose the part of the program according to your team's status. New teams start from the Training and Team Formation program. More experienced teams need an assessment and then additional mentoring and coaching. Teams that are part of larger units need help with scaling.

Our Agiloviny

Don't miss a selection of the best of Agile that our mentors have encountered. Not only from the world of products, development, tips and tricks, but sometimes also humor. We ship regularly, once in a while :) #QualityOverQuantity

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