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Agile and Scrum Fundamentals Training – September 2024

How do you develop valuable products transparently, in close collaboration with a team that is proud of the result?

A basic course for those who are trying to implement Agile or are already using it. It is particularly suitable for team members, but also for product and project managers and team leaders.

Although agile processes are mostly used in IT, they are now also being implemented in the financial, automotive and public sectors; in both smaller and enterprise companies.

For whom

Team members, Scrum Masters, project management, team leaders, product owners, management.

When and how

24.- 26. September 2024
1,5 days – 9:00 a.m. -13:00 p.m.
Language: Slovak

Training objectives

  • Fundamentals of adaptive iterative product development,
  • Learn about the Agile Manifesto and the principles of agility,
  • Understand the principles of the Scrum management method,
  • Learn how to create self-organised agile teams,
  • Get to know the roles in Scrum and their responsibilities,
  • Scrum application from product planning, through daily life to status evaluation,
  • Create basic Scrum artifacts used in product development.
  • Agile product roadmap,
  • Creation of product backlog, epics and business topics,
  • User story, writing the right user stories,
  • Various techniques for agile estimation of value, risk and complexity,
  • Estimated delivery version,
  • Agile metrics and their understanding,
  • Retrospective as a corporate process of improvement and innovation.

There are dozens of real-life stories from agile teams and plenty of aha moments.


  • Adaptive project management,
  • Agile Manifesto – principles of agility,
  • Agile team – what defines it,
  • Incremental and iterative development,
  • Team self-organization (game),
  • Scrum,
  • Roles in the Scrum team,
  • User Story concept,
  • Estimating complexity,
  • Game Planning poker,
  • Visibility of progress and status reporting,
  • Demonstration of results,
  • Retrospective – how to improve,
  • Implementation of agile practices in practice,
  • Case studies and real-life stories from agile teams,
  • Lean Canvas,
  • Product building strategy,
  • Release planning,
  • Estimating agilely,
  • Prioritization,
  • Division into sprints,
  • Sprint #1.


  • 1 participant: 300 euros excluding VAT.
  • 3-4 participants: 10% DISCOUNT excluding VAT/participant.
  • 5 or more: DISCOUNT 15% excluding VAT/participant.
  • For registration until 25. July DISCOUNT 10 % excluding VAT
  • For registration until 25. August DISCOUNT 5 % excluding VAT.
  • Discounts do not add up.

What you get

  • Access to training materials.
  • Recommending valuable books, articles and videos.
  • Examples from real practice not only of Slovak companies.
  • Certificate of training completion.
  • Online 1 hour free consultation after the training.
  • 10% discount on other trainings, Product Academy and competency assessments from ScrumDesk.


martin luknič

Martin Luknič

Agile Mentor and Consultant, ScrumDesk


Martin has experience in project management and transforming teams into agile environments. He himself worked for years in the role of Product Owner.

Are you interested in this course?

We will contact each of you personally to arrange the details.
The training capacity is limited.

24.09.24 at 9:00 26.09.24 at 13:00

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