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Experienced Agile practitioner and active member of the Agile community. Jan has a long and successful career in management positions in corporates including Siemens. The enthusiastic person who uses Scrum for developing unique products, which helps to save peoples lives. His way of product ownership is coming hand in hand with knowledge sharing and spreading as much experience as it is possible.

How to use Scrum in different areas as IT? He is the pioneer in changing the way of teaching by the implementation of eduScrum at high schools with an active participation of children by using the agile values.


What you will hear from Jan:
1. How might eduScrum touch your company?
2. How to handle „education vs. Business and daily business“?
3. How to educate yourself and have enough capacity for work?
4. The multidisciplinary team with substitutability? How?

Register at https://www.scrumimpulz.sk to see Jan!

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Pomáham aplikovať agilné princípy v praxi a prispôsobiť ich realite firmy a jej biznisu. Som product ownerom ScrumDesku, nástroja pre agilný projektový manažment, scrumdesk.com

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