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ScrumImpulz 2019: Willy Wijnands, eduScrum

Does the education system prepare our children and young generation for future needs? A lot of people have a feeling that there must be a different way how to educate. Of course we are not teachers and therefore we do not want to state how it should be. But everybody observes that the world [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019: Karel Smutny

ScrumImpulz 2019 speaker: Karel Smutny Four years ago, I spent a couple of months in Prague, a beautiful city in Czechia. We supported the agile transition of the big insurance company for a few months so I had a lot of time to spend there. What is natural behaviour for agile enthusiasts? To [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019: Marcus Hamrin, Spotify

Spotify. Well know the name of the company that has changed our behavior how we do listen to music. Not so many years ago we were used to listening to CD, later to MP3 or Internet radio. We were buying albums. Of course, this movement has started to be popular by Apple, but Spotify [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019, Martin Kubik

The first time I met Martin Kubik, I was a little bit curious about how he is going to react to the agile transformation program he wanted to talk about. I expected a formal speech, questions that will make him feel comfortable and questions regarding our experience. Well, the meeting went differently. It was [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019: Andrea Provaglio

ScrumImpulz 2019: Andrea Provaglio The first time I saw Andrea Provaglio, I was quite new in Agile. Andrea shared kinds of stuff that were pretty 'high-soft-system-level' for me at that time. But man, one year later I realized what he talked about. It is not usual to see a speaker whose speech is [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019: Peter Benkovič

ScrumImpulz 2019: Peter Benkovič ScrumImpulz conference is not just about speakers from abroad. Since the first year of the conference, we offered an opportunity to speak to local people who experienced Agile some way and had stories to share so we, who still fight with agile mindset and transformations, can learn from their [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019: Silvana Wasitova

ScrumImpulz 2019: Silvana Wasitova It has been ages since we, from ScrumDesk, attended and sponsored the first year of Agile Prague conference. Dozens of speakers, hundred plus people and a lot of knowledge and energy. The day before the conference sponsors went out for dinner with speakers. In a very friendly atmosphere, I [...]

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ScrumImpulz 2019 conference: Jorgen Hesselberg

ScrumImpulz 2019 conference: Jorgen Hesselberg Eight years ago I had a super great opportunity to help NAVTEQ (today is known as HERE) company go through Agile Transformation. Well, it didn't start with BigBen approach. In the beginning, it was more driven in guerilla tactic in Europe without formal approval.  Starting in Kosice, on vendor's (Ness [...]

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Siedmy ročník ScrumImpulz, konferencie o Agile. 30.5.2019, Bratislava.

Aj tento rok vás pozývame na ScrumImpulz, konferenciu o Agile, Scrum, Kanban a ďalších agilných praktikách. Tento ročník organizujeme dve hlavné časti: Konferenčnú časť, v ktorej si budete môcť vypočuť rečníkov zo zahraničia aj Slovenska a prediskutovať s nimi ich pohľad na Agile. Agile Coaching Clinic, na ktorú sme v minulom ročníku získali veľmi pozitívnu [...]

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Predstavujeme spíkra ScrumImpulz: Marina Schiffer, Jeden tím – jeden cieľ. Bez dôvery nebudete úspešní

Je zavádzanie agile v rodinnej firme jednoduchšie ako v korporáte? Marinine odpovede na túto otázku vás možno prekvapia. Marína začala pracovať v IT ešte počas končiaceho sa štúdia ako vývojár v takejto nemeckej rodinnej firme. Mimochodom staršej ako najznámejšia spoločnosť vyrábajúca nealkoholické nápoje. Počas nasledujúcich rokov si prešla od vývojára, cez pozíciu líniového manažéra až po country manažérku. [...]

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