Public training: AGILE & SCRUM FUNDAMENTALS in Bratislava

Fundamental training in agile philosophy, principles, and practices. Explanation of Scrum project management framework, its roles, and activities. Comparison of agile practices with the traditional way of project management and product development.

This is a practical workshop where you will learn agile through experience, games, and activities.

For who

Business owners, all team members, ScrumMasters, project management, team leaders, product owners, management. A maximum number of attendees is 25 per training.

Why ScrumDesk?

We help Slovak, Czech, German, US and Swiss companies introduce Agile for more than 10 years. We helped teams in banks, telco, insurance, product developers plus software vendors not just to introduce the principles by training, but with mentoring and coaching as well. Also, we had opportunities to help companies either develop new products or improve their portfolio with help of agile practices.


28-29 May 2018, 9:00-17:00


Bratislava, Slovakia


500 Euro/participant, 10% discount for registered attendees of ScrumImpulz conference. The price is without VAT.

What you will get

  • A certificate of your training attendance
  • An electronic form of the presentation
  • An access to ScrumDesk Agile Community channel
  • 1/2 hour online mentoring timeslot after the training

Registration are closed already. See you the next time!



  1. Adaptive project management
  2. Agile Manifesto – fundamentals of agility
  3. Agile team
  4. Incremental and iterative development
  5. Self-organization (the game)
  6. Scrum
  7. Scrum roles
  8. User Story
  9. Estimation
  10. Planning poker game
  11. Kanban boards
  12. Sprint review
  13. Retrospective, improvements process
  14. Agile practices in real life. Case studies.


  1. Product vision
  2. Lean Canvas
  3. Product strategy
  4. Backlog grooming
  5. Release planning
  6. Estimation
  7. Prioritization
  8. Sprint slotting
  9. Sprint #1
  10. Sprint planning
  11. Demo
  12. Retro
  13. Sprint #2
  14. Sprint planning
  15. Demo
  16. Retrospective


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Naše Agiloviny

Nenechajte si ujsť výber toho najlepšieho z Agile, s čím sa stretli naši mentori. Nielen zo sveta produktov, vývoja, tipov a trikov, ale občas aj humoru. Posielame pravidelne, raz za občas :) #QualityOverQuantity

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