Fundamental training for ScrumMasters, managers and team leaders.

The training explains responsibilities of Scrum Master role. In the course, participants will learn how to prepare team/organization for agile transformation. Potential scrum masters will understand how to support scrum ceremonies, team members, and product owners. The course also provides information how to identify root causes of problems and how to set up continuous improvement process in a company.

This is a practical workshop where you will learn agile through experience, games, and activities.

training Great ScrumMaster

For who

Scrum masters, team leaders, management, product owners.

Why ScrumDesk?

We help Slovak, Czech, German, US and Swiss companies introduce Agile for more than 10 years. We helped teams in banks, telco, insurance, product developers plus software vendors not just to introduce the principles by training, but with mentoring and coaching as well. Also, we had opportunities to help companies either develop new products or improve their portfolio with help of agile practices.


1 June 2018, 9:00-17:00


Bratislava, Slovakia

What you will get

  • A certificate of your training attendance
  • An electronic form of the presentation
  • An access to ScrumDesk Agile Community channel
  • 1/2 hour online mentoring timeslot after the training


Additional 10% discount for registered attendees of ScrumImpulz conference. The price is without VAT.

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Registration are closed already. See you the next time!


  1. Role of ScrumMaster. Responsibilities.
  2. Scrum ceremonies supported by Scrum Master
  3. Relationship of great Scrum Master.
  4. Anti-patterns of scrum masterships
  5. Lean principles and their application in software development
  6. Value flow mapping and process optimization
  7. Great Kanban board,
  8. Necessary soft skills of great scrum master
  9. Techniques of root cause analysis
  10. A3 Thinking as a tool for continuous improvement
  11. Collaboration with the product owner, other scrum masters, and management
  12. How to prepare for iteration planning
  13. How to do great daily standup
  14. Agile metrics
  15. Agile retrospective and its techniques
  16. Case studies

Slide trening scrum master Slide trening scrum master agenda Slide the core beliefs of agile Slide extremne programovanie Slide agile projektovy manazment Slide raci matica zodpovednost Slide agile architekt projektovy manazer Slide preco scrum master Slide scrum master kandidat Slide scrum master antipattern antivzor Slide scrum master kariera rozvoj rast Slide lean amazon Slide value stream mapping mapovanie toku hodnoty Slide kanban tabula Slide cumulative flow priklad Slide control chart priklad Slide porovnanie scrum kanban Slide planovanie v agile Slide standup stand-up Slide daily standup dobre Slide daily standup dobre Slide christopher avery proces zodpovednosti the responsibility process Slide model zmeny satir Slide change management manazment zmeny Slide change management manazment zmeny M3.0 management3 Slide agile komunita Slide a3 thinking root cause analyza Slide casual loops diagram root cause analyza Slide jan werich Slide scrumdesk kontakt trening