Training Product Owner Perfectly


Fundamental training for Scrum product owners, business owners and stakeholders of agile teams.

The training explains responsibilities of product owner role. How to describe a new product from vision through strategy with an application of minimum viable product concept to agile product backlog containing all necessary requirements. The course describes how to collaborate with an agile team.

This is a practical workshop where you will learn agile through experience, games, and activities.

trening product ownerFor who

Product owners, business owners, ScrumMasters, project management, business analysts.

Why ScrumDesk?

We help Slovak, Czech, German, US and Swiss companies introduce Agile for more than 10 years. We helped teams in banks, telco, insurance, product developers plus software vendors not just to introduce the principles by training, but with mentoring and coaching as well. Also, we had opportunities to help companies either develop new products or improve their portfolio with help of agile practices.


4 June 2018, 9:00-17:00


Bratislava, Slovakia

What you will get

  • A certificate of your training attendance
  • An electronic form of the presentation
  • An access to ScrumDesk Agile Community channel
  • 1/2 hour online mentoring timeslot after the training


Additional 10% discount for registered attendees of ScrumImpulz conference. The price is without VAT.

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Registration are closed already. See you the next time!



  1. Product Owner role
  2. Responsibilities of product owners
  3. Product vision
  4. Product strategy in an agile way
  5. Value Proposition Canvas and personas
  6. Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas
  7. Epical epic
  8. User story format
  9. How to organize product backlog in an agile way
  10. User Stories Mapping
  11. How to plan releases
  12. How to prepare for the sprint
  13. Proper acceptance in Agile
  14. Sprint review
  15. Sprint velocity
  16. Agile product metrics
  17. Agile Portfolio and program
  18. Case studies

Slide trening product owner Slide trening product owner agenda Slide product backlog Slide agile metriky burn down chart Slide rola produktovy vlastnik Slide co robi produktovy vlastnik Slide skalovanie agile Slide zodpovednost produktoveho vlastnika Slide problemy produktovy vlastnik Slide manazment klientov zakaznikov Slide planovanie sprint Slide cas produktovy vlastnik Slide produktovy vlastnik otazky Slide scrumdesk product toolkit Slide Persona Slide empathy map impact mapping Slide personas Slide vizia produktu product vision Slide agile manazment klientov b2b Slide lean startup Slide minimum viable product mvp marketable mmp mmf Slide trening produktovy manazment Slide idealny backlog Slide backlog user stories mapa Slide user story karta Slide timovy odhad planning poker tricka Slide velocity Slide agile scrum planovanie Slide retention, kohort Slide scrumdesk trening